Built in 1974, Vilamoura is one of Portugal’s most famous resort areas. To think that just 40 years ago, the resort centre did not even exist adds to its magnificence. Travellers from all over the world find their way to Vilamoura to enjoy the sites and sounds of the Algarve’s most entertaining destination.

Visitors can find everything from tennis clubs to beach activities throughout the area. Although it is not considered to be a town, Vilamoura it growing every year. Several of the hotels in Vilamoura are exquisite accommodation options for guests. The area is renowned for its high-end ambiance, which attracts a range of visitors to the resort centre.

When it comes to eating and shopping, there are several things visitors need to know. The following questions and answers will help tourists understand everything that needs to be known about Vilamoura shopping/eating.

Where is the best place to shop?
There are several places to enjoy a unique shopping experience in the area of Vilamoura. However, most shopping will inevitably be done at the Marina, which is the main port for the resort. It is home to a wide range of stores, from jewelry stores, to fashion and accessories. Because the location is extremely expensive, the products are somewhat pricey. Nevertheless, there are some stores located throughout the streets of Vilamoura, but the range of goods is not as wide.

Where are the best dining experiences?
The Marina is not just famous for its shopping. There are many excellent restaurants offering a vast range of cuisines. Of course, traditional Portuguese and even traditional Algarve cuisines can be found on many menus. However, visitors can also try some intercontinental cuisines too, from Asian, to European dishes and even Western inspired menus.

What type of cuisine is available?
As aforementioned, the main cuisine available in the resort town is seafood, as this is the main staple diet for most areas of the Algarve. But, this doesn’t have to be the only dish served at restaurants, especially the most upper end dining options around the Marina. Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, French and even English cuisine can be ordered. They are generally renowned for their delicious tastes too.

Is vegetarian food available?
Yes, vegetarian food and vegan cuisine is now widely available through the resort town of Vilamoura. 15 years ago, there was not a large variety of vegetarian options available. However, that has long since changed since the number of restaurants in the area has increased.

Does Vilamoura have any shopping centres?
There are no shopping centres as such located in the town. However, there are two large shopping complexes located 20 – 25kms to the east and west of Vilamoura respectively. The largest of the centres is found in the town of Albufeira, and can be reached in less than 20 minutes from any of the Vilamoura hotels.

Are the dining prices affordable?
In general, the dining prices in Vilamoura are quite expensive, although this is at the most prestigious and high-end restaurants found around the Marina. However, there are plenty of local restaurants found along the streets that provide delectable meals for a fraction of the price. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways in which travellers can save money on food.

Where can tourists shop for food?
For those guests staying in a self service accommodation, the best way to save cash is to go shopping for food and cook it at the apartment. The best places to shop are the supermarkets of Vilamoura, which are not only well priced, but also excellent in their wide range too. Vegetarian and vegan eaters will be able to find a plethora of goods at one of the supermarkets around town.

Lek Boonlert is an editor and content reviewer at DirectRooms and is responsible for all Vilamoura Hotels content.

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