Thailand has become one of the hottest tourism spots in Asia. Gifted with great natural beauty, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Ban Phe is a beautiful small fishing port town on the south central coast of Thailand which boasts an enchanting coastline dotted with numerous islands which are rated highly among the tourists. Ban Phe is a gateway to one of these islands, Koh Samet, which constantly sees tourists throughout the year.

Ban Phe is a very small town known to the tourists mainly as a port connecting mainland Thailand and the beautiful island of Koh Samet. It usually sees tourists flocking its land majorly due to the ease of ferry and bus connections to Koh Samet.

On its own it is a local fishing town, with a plethora of things to do which may attract the tourists as a standalone destination. But in its own small way it has quite a handful of things to do and places to see.

Windsurfing, swimming, jet skis, banana boats, motor bike riding, food and beverage establishments, fishing charters, nature walks, mountain bike tours, soon to be a cable system in the nearby hills to view the tropical forest canopy in the area.

One of the major attractions is the Laem Mae Phim beach, a long and sandy beach,this is a scenic spot for the tourists with its reputation enhanced by the fact that it has a smooth descent into the ocean making it safe for the tourists (including children). It is a quiet place with palm trees lined along the shoreline providing ample shade for the people. It has all the basic facilities required for the tourists; food and drinks are easily available at cheap prices.

Thailand is known for its massage and spa parlors and Ban Phe is no different. It may not have the highly sophisticated and appealing parlors but there are few very old and famous parlors in the town. Hi-So massage parlor is one such place popular among tourists and locals.

Waiting for a bus or a ferry connection can sometimes be long and annoying. A stroll down the white sandy beach or the local streets is one of the ways to beat the waiting blues. As one goes away from the bus and ferry stations, you can get acquainted with the typical Thai culture as this part of Ban Phe is a typical Thai port known for fishing more than the tourism value. A beautiful countryside with a cool sea breeze has its fair share of places to see for a tourist.

It is popular among those who aspire to be English teachers, as this town is a host to the famous and reputable International School which trains potential English teachers. So during the working days of the school, a lot of people can be seen in Ban Phe who are trainee teachers.

Ban Phe is a launching pad for the most famous Koh Samet Island with many things to do or at least plenty enough to keep you occupied for a day or two. It acts as a perfect compliment for Koh Samet Island and preserves the Thai culture and presents it to the world in its own small way.

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