Khasto Has Indian Origin

Khasto products are known for there softness and warmth. Khasto is a very good quality cotton fabric, which is made of finest muslin fabric. Khasto cotton is also known as “cotton cashmere”. Khasto was introduced in Nepal initially in 19th century. Although it was introduced in Nepal but, its origin was in India only. Khasto products have three different layers of fabric. Middle layer of Khasto products like the nightshirt, also known as the Dutch Nachthemd, are printed by block print technique with solid dark colors.

Since middle layer of Khasto product is printed so, this layer is not too much soft as it should be. Also this layer can not hold the heat of the body, that’s why this layer is not as warm as it must be. Initially in India people used to wear these types of clothes with block print techniques. This was the traditional dress in India.

Khasto- The Royal Clothing of Nepal?

In 19th century, the king of Nepal was Jung Bahadur Rana. Once his daughter Damber Kumari came to India in Banaras (the holy city) and saw this dress. She found this block printed dress very appealing and beautiful. When she took this dress with her to Nepal she found that this dress was not too much warm and it was not suitable for the climate of Nepal. She decided to found the solution for it since she wanted to wear that dress in the cold climate of Nepal as well. She found its solution by stitching two layers of fine muslin fiber on the both sides of this block printed cloth. Both the layers which were stitched on this cloth was plain and was not printed due to which print of middle layer was visible through these layers. This gave a royal look to this cloth.

Due to muslin fabric these two layers could hold the warmth now and this cloth became warm and suitable for the climate of Nepal. Khasto cloths give the soft feeling when you touch it because their upper layer is not printed. The nightshirt, also known as the Dutch Nachthemd is also designed the same way.

Khasto products are neither too much cold nor too much warm. They are always perfect to maintain the suitable temperature for a person. When you wear a Khasto fabric cloth like Dames Pyjama you do not feel the cold and it gives you a royal look. There are many products in the market available that are not original Khasto since synthetic fibers are being used in these cloths.

Khasto has become the cultural part of Northern India and Nepal. It has been become very much popular in last one hundred and fifty years. Khasto provides various different kinds of clothes for every age of person. It also provides the cloth for baby, young men and women to wear as night wear clothes. You will always feel comfortable while sleeping. Khasto also includes the bedding products in its huge collection.

Khasto products are handmade due to which they do not loose their softness and warmth. They give you the feel of cashmere and benefits of cotton, which gives you a royal look and feel about these clothes. The best examples of Khasto products are the pajamas and nightshirt, also know as the Dames Pyjama and Nachthemd.

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