The very popular e-book reader from Amazon, Kindle, owes a large part of its success to the large collection of books that is the Kindle Store. Even the most sophisticated and features-packed e-book reader will amount to nothing if one cannot find electronic versions of his favorite books to store in it. Fortunately, Amazon’s Kindle bookstore is very well-stocked and updated with the latest book releases. To date, this online store has more than 600,000 titles, a collection that keeps growing each day. It has books in every genre, as well as periodicals, newspapers, magazines and even blogs. With this vast collection, there is sure to be more than enough to gratify even the most demanding reader’s appetite in books.

Books purchased from the Kindle collection areconsiderably cheaper than actual books that customarily take days to handle, ship and deliver. There is an estimated savings of 60 to 70% when downloading a Kindle book compared to purchasing an actual paperback. Additionally, the “delivery time” is exponentially faster. It takes just a minute to download a book, and then the user can begin to read happily. The word “happily” is apt, for readers do take pleasure from the experience of reading on the Kindle. The device has a crisp, black-and-white, easy-on-the-eyes display that simulates the look of an actual page. Moreover, it is very thin and lightweight, and holding it feels like holding a slim magazine in one’s hands.

Among the most downloaded books from the Kindle Store are, not surprisingly, the latest bestsellers. Novels by John Grisham, Charlaine Harris, Dan Brown and Stieg Larsson are a few familiar titles at the top of Kindle download lists today. Of course, these bestsellers are but a drop in the bucket. One can find many, many more books in various genres—fiction and nonfiction, cookbooks, children’s books, biographies and memoirs, reference materials, sci-fi and sports books, romance novels, mysteries and thrillers, politics and travel books, and so on—all within the Kindle bookstore.

Also available in the Kindle shop are magazines and newspapers from all over the world. They include mainstream magazines such as Time and Newsweek, and more parochial periodicals such as the China International Business.

What’s great is that a good number of books in the Kindle shop cost nothing to download. These free Kindle books mostly include classics by authors like Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Anton Chekhov and many others. There too are many contemporary titles from different genres that are offered free on Kindle. One simply has to search for them patiently to find selections that suit his tastes and promise to be good reads.

Another novelty from Kindle is that it allows writers to publish and sell their original books on the online store. This gives unpublished writers a chance to show their work to the world and possibly make it big, without having to spend much or seek out a publisher the hard, conventional way.

The Kindle e-book reader device, with the very adequate backing of Amazon’s Kindle store, has helped shape a new, exciting approach to reading. It has changed how people enjoy books, and made books much more easily accessible to everyone. Now, that’s truly one for the books.

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