There are several names for teen bras. They are called training bras, first bras, a starter bra, bralets and even preteen bras. Girls usually start wanting (or needing) preteen or teen lingerie between the ages of eleven and thirteen. Even if they have barely begun to develop physically, emotionally most young girls feel they have to be wearing one.

A girl’s first bra needs to be comfortable, versatile, and well fitted. Attractive colors and a bit of lace will make her feel more feminine and attractive. Support is as important now as it will be when her body has matured more, but this is a good time for her to learn how to properly fit herself for the correct bra size.

Many department stores have saleswomen that have been trained in proper bra sizing. However, many preteens feel far more comfortable trying on bras and experimenting with their peers, so let them do it, Mom. Set some guidelines regarding acceptable teen bra and teen lingerie choices and price, and then let them go!

Here are a few tips that might help them in their first bra shopping experience:

The part that wraps around the body is called the bra band size, and is sized in numbers, such as 30-32-34-36. Too tight and it will hurt. Too loose and it will ride up.
The bra cup is measured in letters, such as AA-A-B-C-D. Too tight and you will bulge out the top or flatten out and bulge out the side. If the cup is too large, it will wrinkle and make lines under your clothes.
If a teenage bra is snug, go up one size and try hooking it on the last set of hooks. The bra cups may now be too large, so you might have to go down one size in the cup. But if that is still not a good fit, try another style or brand. Often you have to change the bra band or cup size when you change from one bra style to another.
Check out the bra straps. If they are too long, you are not getting the proper support, and the cups may sag. If you have them too short, the back of the bra will creep up. If the straps have been adjusted to the correct length, the bra cups will be lifted comfortably, and the bra band will stay straight across the middle of your back.
All day comfort is very important. Do the bra strap adjustments fall at the top of your shoulders where they will show under your t-shirts and cause pressure when you are carrying a shoulder bag or backpack? Did you choose an underwire bra or one with side stays that may dig into you if you have to sit long hours in a classroom?
Think about a teen sports bra. While they do have a tendency to compress the breast, they offer wonderful support for active teens who are into sports, dancing, etc.

Whichever training bra or preteen lingerie you choose, buy one at a time. The best way to know if it is the right first bra is to wear it for a full day. You never want to have too many teen bras at first, because your bra size is going to change frequently until you are fully grown.

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