When it comes to shopping for teenagers, there is a chance you may need to spend more time than is necessary to get it right. The final pair of eyeglasses you decide on needs to perform a two fold function: please your teens enough so they will wear it, and survive their teenage lifestyle. It might be better in this instance if the decision was left up to the teenager himself.

When it comes to selecting a pair of spectacles, Eyeglasses123 has plenty of options to make your selection process easy. They have the following suggestions to make:

Personality is important: The frames you select should depend on your personality. If you want to try something different bold shapes or bright colors do so, but be sure you will continue to enjoy the look. It is important you wear your glasses regularly, so be selective when it comes to choosing the right frame

Ensure your eyes are tested regularly: Before you make your selection, ensure you have an updated prescription with you. Your eyesight can change very quickly, from year to year, so it is important you have your eyes tested at least once in two years, more often if you have a severe eye conditions.

Match your frame to your lifestyle: Are you an outdoor person? A heavy reader? Do you love extreme sports? Your glasses frames and lenses – should reflect not only your personality, but also your lifestyle. A scratch resistant coating for example would make your lenses more durable and less resistant to break, ideal if you are into sports.

It is also important to take the following into consideration before making a decision:

Frame shape: What kind of frames would you prefer? In all likelihood, this depends on the shape of your face. Faces which are square shaped for example look better with oval or butterfly shaped frames; those which are round are better framed in square or rectangle shaped frames. The color of your eyes and your skin tone will also help determine a suitable frame for you.

Frame material: The next step is to decide on the material you would like your frame to be made out of. You can generally select from plastic, metal, titanium and stainless steel. You can also decide on the thickness of your frame for teenagers, it is suggested that smaller frames might suit their face shape better, as well as fit more comfortably. If you have thicker lenses, you may want to go in for a material that lightens the look like metal or titanium.

Lenses coatings: And finally, decide on the coatings you would like to have. Not all coatings are available and it does depend on the kind of lenses you order. A good example of popular coatings and tints include scratch resistant coatings, polycarbonate impact resistant lenses, and photochromic or transitional light tinted lenses which replace the need for sunglasses. Other options include UVR coated lenses, anti reflective coated lenses and polarized lenses which block out glare. Tints are dyes that add color to the lenses and can be fun, as long as you remember not to order too dark a tint.

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