The iPhone is all the rage. No certified hipster would be caught dead without one. There are thousands of apps that will keep you so engaged and connected that you probably will not ever want to put the iPhone down.

The USA is just now catching up with Asia in the things that are available on the mobile phone. All of this and more was available in Japan over a decade ago. It is interesting to note that the iPhone did not sell that well in Japan. This was a case of the Japanese market not seeing the iPhone as such a novelty as it was received in the USA. But the US is rapidly catching up.

One of the things available for men on the iPhone is the GQ app for $ 2.99. You can get all the hottest men’s fashion news and have it at your fingertips when you go shopping.

There is also the Victoria’s Secret app if you get bored while shopping for yourself and need to remind yourself of who you are actually shopping for – that’s right, the ladies you are trying to impress! Women (and some guys) are the ones that are going to be interested in looking at you, so why not engage them in a little social networking while you are out shopping. Ask your closest friends what they think of your choices for a fashion purchase, before you buy it. The iPhone app that does this is call “Love it or Leave it” ($ 1.99).

What you do with this app is you take a photo of the item you are thinking about buying and the app sends the photo by email to all of the people on the friends list that you have authorized to see it. Your friends get an immediate notification of your fashion choice dilemma and with a couple of clicks can send you their opinion about whether you should buy the item or forget about it. This may sound utterly stupid to most men, but women love doing this kind of thing.

After you have gotten her opinion about your fashion choices and followed her advice you should not hesitate to ask her if you can buy her something from Victoria’s Secret. That is the next logical step and then you can tell her what you think she would look super hot wearing. This electronically mediated romantic flirt is sure to lead to some exciting places.

If you are musically inclined you can use the iPhone to make music and you can play music you make with all your friends worldwide. You are only limited by your imagination. Also don’t forget that the case you put your iPhone in, is also a big fashion statement as well.

There are many very hip metallic cases that can be customized and give your iPhone a very polished look. We like those the best for guys. You can also use the calendar functions to remind you what you are supposed to wear to different events and if you need to go shopping for something before the event comes up. Fashion tech rules.

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