The Internet and many social networks are full of stories
about people making six-figure incomes selling almost
anything on eBay. Hordes of newcomers with the same dream
are flocking to eBay and many fail to sell anything. With
eBay’s ease of use and seemingly simple auctions, new
sellers often forget that successful eBay sales need to
follow typical offline business techniques.

The first task you need to complete before you do anything
else is to register on eBay as a seller. If you are already
registered as a buyer, just login and click on the Sell tab
and you will be ready to sell on eBay.

Your next step is to research your eBay competition and
notice how they are presenting products that are similar or
the same as your products. You need to notice five important
aspects of your competition’s auctions:

#1…The categories your competition lists their products in

#2…Their listed prices or minimum bid

#3…Their product descriptions

#4…The photos of their products they are
selling…quality, size, number of photos used

#5…Shipping destinations and price

When you know where your competition is posting their
auctions, you will be able to choose which auction
categories are suitable for your auctions. What you have to
do is make your products easy to find or you won’t have any
interest or sales. Checking out your competition is a good
way to find the most lucrative categories for what you are

If you are initially undecided, eBay can suggest categories
for your first considerations when you are listing your
products for auction. You will also get suggestions for
subcategories and be given the opportunity to add your
auction to other related categories.

Your most important sales technique is the quality of your
auction titles and product descriptions. If you don’t grab
your viewer’s attention and get them to bid on your auction,
you are wasting your time and money. eBay indexes items for
sale by their auction titles, so make sure your titles
contain real keywords and are not stuffed with terms those
looking for your products will not use to search.

In the past, many sellers used wasted terms to gather
attention to their auctions, like “WOW!” or fancy versions
of “LOOK.” eBay, like other online applications, is now
populated with more reliable and knowledgeable sellers.
Don’t waste a word in your titles. Use uncomplicated,
descriptive words that buyers might be using to find
auctions like yours.

Make your text descriptions as accurate as possible,
including every facet that will make your auction stand
above the others. Don’t forget your research on your
possible competitors. Read their descriptions and make yours
better or more interesting.

For a small cost, you can add bold text and highlighting to
your titles and descriptions, all of which add interest to
your text and will draw the eyes of those searching for your
products. eBay actually will share ways to make your listings
more noticeable. They do, however, charge for the service.

eBay is way too much of an Internet powerhouse to ignore if
you want to sell products of all sorts; used items from
your garage or attic to collectibles and items you’ve
purchased to resell. You need to learn how to use eBay the
right way, however to avoid getting your fingers burned. So
take my advice and seek out a successful seller who will
share their techniques and provide helpful advice to guide
you on your way…….. How to make money online

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