How To Start an Online Clothing Store in 3 Steps

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In this video I’m gonna tell you the three steps you need to do to start an online clothing store and I have an online clothing. So it’s done over one and a half million dollars in revenue. So I have a good idea on how you can start an online clothing store or e-commerce or whatever you want to call it.. So the first step is get a shopping cart or some kind of a platform that you can create your store on second step is create your store and third step is get traffic to your store or get customers to your store now I’ll share some bonus tips at the end of this video but let’s go over each one of these one two three and how you can do it successfully:
1. Figuring out what shopping cart left platform you want to use now until you went to the gate I recommend Shopify in all serious store owners I know you Shopify now you could also use good commerce very similar Shopify is better for reasons I’ll talk about in a separate video most specifically there’s better tools that are add-ons that are apps that you can use with it and WooCommerce is another option that you want might want to use if you’re trying to save money but I wouldn’t recommend it. So if you really are just trying to experiment you’re not trying to build this into a real company maybe WooCommerce is right for you but it’s a lot of people think it’s free it’s not free you still have to pay for the hosting. So what WooCommerce is you get a wordpress site and then you add on to it WooCommerce. So it is not a free option and I’d say if you’re serious go with Shopify now I’m going to put up here link I have a link to Shopify I’ll have a link to my Bluehost if you do want to go through WooCommerce link to Bluehost and also Bigcommerce any one of those three if you pick any one of those three and use my affiliate link I’ll give you a free one-on-one consulting session. So those are my three top recommendations most experts I know would say pick one of those three most experts I know including all my friends and myself say Shopify hands down it’s worth 30 bucks a month look at it if nothing else like as a fee to keep you honest and they keep you working hard and in the long run you’ll be. So happy you did it. So you want to use any one of my links I’ll give you a free one one-on-one consulting session I get a little bit of a kickback from those but I do fully believe in them. So I don’t care which one you use I recommend Shopify use whichever one you want anyways let’s move past
2. Building your website – now a lot of people freaked out about this like well I don’t know code I don’t know how to do this Shopify makes it super easy. So it is big commerce and WooCommerce I said WooCommerce it’s hard to make it very good you need to know a little bit of code if you want to make a really good-looking one that’s my personal opinion Shopify in my opinion makes it super easy in fact I did a video that I’ll link either up here or down below in the show notes I did a video where I created the Shopify store in four minutes freaking four minutes I timed it everything it is such an easy process to start a Shopify store now I’m not saying is easy to make money with a Shopify store but I’m saying the actual starting a Shopify store is super simple. So definitely recommend looking at that as far as building a website also adds tutorial to put down below in the show notes and I’m running out of space up here in the info card I’ll try to put it in the info card as well on how to build your website
3. Traffic. So even if you have the prettiest most beautiful website in the world if nobody knows about it doesn’t matter. So you’re trying to sell clothing and you need to find people to sell that clothing to. So when you need to drive traffic to your website. So number one is obviously getting your shopping cart number two is building your website using that shopping cart number three is getting the traffic to the people. So think about it is a net you have a big net and it’s great if you have the prettiest most beautiful net but no fish are going into it well your Nets worthless and in this case your net is your website and the fish are the customers. So let’s get you some fish. So I recommend there’s a few different things you can do to get traffic to your website now if you’re on a budget think social media think SEO think things like that an SEO if
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