How to Sell on Amazonn. Hello, Online Sellers! Selling products on Amazon can be INCREDIBLY profitable for you. What does ‘selling on Amazon’ mean? Simply described, you find inventory locally for cheap and sell it on Amazon, usually for very big profit margins (80% to 600%). You can ship your received orders directly to customers OR ship ALL your inventory to Amazon, and they handle the sales and customer service. The Proven Amazon Course can give you a HUGE jump start and competitive advantage for selling on Amazon. I’ve reviewed the Proven Amazon Course is below. DISCLOSURE: I’m an affiliate for the course, AND I’m a Content Editor for the company behind it ( But I’m pointing out the good AND the ‘bad’ here. Proven Amazon Course PROS: – This course covers almost EVERY aspect of selling on Amazon. If you’re a newbie or an intermediate, or even an ‘expert’ seller, there is something in there for everyone. Selling on Amazon can be EXTREMELY profitable and it’s a LOT LESS work than blogging or doing SEO and even selling on eBay. If you are going to spend any money on ‘learning’ this year, spend it on a program that shows you an almost ‘bullet-proof’ ways to make money, like this course. The course contains all the knowledge and strategies that took me about a year to learn. I wish I had this course when I started because I would have made LESS mistakes and MORE profitable decisions (i.e. what to sell, where to get inventory, etc.). The course contains advice, REAL ideas that work, and ONE-on-ONE interaction with Amazon selling experts like Chris Greenn(founder of FBAScout and FBAPower), Skip McGrath, Nathan Holmquist, and others.. The course also solves the #1 question Amazon sellers ask: “What do I Sell” or “Where do I find stuff to sell”. This course tells you EXACTLY what to buy and where to buy it (there are SO many choices!). As of 3/28/11, The cost for the course is $ 149 (and it will go up to $ 189 soon, without warning). I paid $ 40,000 for a Boston University MBA 10+ years ago, and this course (unlike the MBA) is an almost ‘fail-proof’ way to make income (if you follow the advice). Jim Cockrum (course leader) always offers a generous time period for a FULL money back refund if you’re not satisfied, and he ALWAYS honors his refund policy. nnCONS:.The course does not ‘hold your hand’ and put all the steps in order This is more of a ‘dive in’ course. If you’re not somewhat organized and/or you don’t ask for help from the course contributors (their help is included in the course fee), you might get overwhelmed..Aside from the 2 guides I contributed to the course (which focused on what games and toys you can buy as inventory to sell, and where to find them), it is a *little* too heavy on the ‘books and media’ side of selling on Amazon. (However, the course is a ‘how to’, so the principles and tactics you learn with the course can be applied to virtually any type of product you’re selling on Amazon.)

I live in New York with my beautiful wife and 2 dogs. I was a former corporate marketing guy who left a BIG NAME agency earlier this year to expand my online business, with great success. I’ve been an Amazon Pro Merchant since 2008 and I received’s ‘Top Seller’ Award for Holiday Season 2010.

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