How to sell a product online on Amazon, eBay and your website using SEO & offline in stores!

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In this tutorial I explain how to sell products online and offline. First, let’s start with how to sell products offline since it is a little bit simpler.

To sell products offline, your options are to sell it in local brick and mortar stores, in various flea markets or by setting up a stand on a busy street, and selling the products on your own. I recommend that you try to sell the product on your own because that will give you a chance to meet your potential customers face to face, and see their reactions to your prices and products.

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You can sell products online through your own site and sites like or or many similar such sites. Or you can sell your products offline either through stores, or through flea markets or carts you set up. Selling your products offline is very important because you get to talk to your potential customers and get feedback about what they think of the items you are selling. Getting that feedback will help you improve your product over time, and increase your sales.

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To sell a product online, you can sell it from your website, or various online retailers like or depending on the nature of the products ou have. If you need to sell a product that you make, you can try Etsy or and if you are reselling products made by others, you can sell it on Amazon or eBay.

People on my apps ask me how to sell products online all the time. But you can also sell products offline by getting local retailers to sell the products you make.

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