Perdido Key, located in Florida is a stunning area of preserved beaches between Orange Beach, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida and close to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Located close to historic Pensacola, is America’s original settlement was in Perdido Key, that provides a unique blend of traditional beach pastimes like angling, deep sea angling, and seaside marriage ceremonies performed all along the emerald coast, and shopping, golf, and historic and artistic flavor. Florida is an ideal place for a honeymoon or vacation because there is activities for everyone of all ages. Below is just a sampling of the fun offerings available.

For beach weddings, the emerald coast of Florida offers common water locations for a private marriage ceremony or vow renewals,also with a interesting military twist, think about diving the USS Oriskany CV/CVA 34, the largest vessel ever sunk as an artificial reef. The ship is 911 ft long, 157 feet wide and over 150 feet tall. If this kind of exertion doesn’t fall into your vacation fashion, try chartering a cruise that offers reduced rates for sunbathers, swimmers and weddings on the ship. If you’re more interested in cultural diversions, a multitude of local museums, and your entire family will adore the excitement of visiting the home of the blue angels and studying about naval aviation. If artwork is much more your fashion, you can visit local studios, or stop by the Pensacola museum of art, which provides every thing from wine tasting classes to Saturday artwork “ed-ventures” which include tours of the museum and hands-on creative activities for kids. Your new family will also love the activities mix of learning and play.parks in the area range in size and type from the big lagoon state park and wildlife sanctuary, all are beach wedding friendly for a romantic sunset ceremony,which provides everything from beaches and water activities to playgrounds, canoeing and camping, to local water parks and entertainment arenas. Many of these parks are located within or near purchasing and dining, so that after a hard day of play the entire household can relax.

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Visiting Boston? This beautiful city has so much to offer. Watch more than 25 video guides at with all the top attractions and landmarks in and around the city. here are the 10 must see attractions in Boston not in a particular order to help you plan the perfect vacation.
In a city that is the home of the nation’s top universities, we can start our list in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AKA MIT, located in Cambridge. this great institute features 168 acres of architectural buildings, statuary and the MIT Museum. One of the highlights of the MIT is the Stata Center, a complex known for its controversial design, built in 2004 and designed by the well-known architect Frank Gehry.
At number 9 we suggest the Massachusetts state house. the 1797 historic landmark is one of the 16 stops of the famous Freedom trail. watch our special video on this trail at the Massachusetts state house is one of the most beautiful buildings in the trail, mainly recognized by it’s gilded dome, and red brick façade. and it is located in one of Boston’s most beautiful naighborhoods, Beacon Hill. Guided tours of the historic building are available all year long, for free! As you may imagine, this is not the only landmark from the Freedom trail on our list…
At number 8 we recommend the oldest public park in Boston, the Boston Common. The peacefull park was not so peacfull before the 1817, as it was used for public hangings. located in the heart of the city, this huge park features some of the mst popular sights of Boston, and it is also the first station of the freedom Trail. Watch our special video guides on the Public Garden and Downtown Boston.
Number 7 is Prudential center. This commercial complex features many of the most popular shops in the fashion world. One of the exciting attractions is the Prudential Skywalk in the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower, which is one of the tallest skyscrapers of Boston. The “Top of the Hub” restaurant on the last floor is a great place to view the whole city and enjoy a tasty meal. Check and learn how to save money when visiting the Skywalk observatory on the 50th’ floor
For those of you who love baseball, number 6 is a historic landmark! Fenway park is home to one of the most popular teams in the history of the US, the Red Sox. “The Green Monster” was opened in 1912, and it went through many changes since then. the park also hosted some of the unforgitable concerts in the US, like the famous Ray Charles appearance in 1973.
At number 5 We are leaving Boston and heading to Concord and lexington. two towns that played an important role in the history of the revolitionary war, and an extremely popular tourist destination. check fror several video guides about top attractions in both cities.
At number 4 we are back at UNI. This time we have Harvard. in the middle of this old university you can enjoy the Harvard Yard area, where many historic buildings are, like the oldest academic building in the US, which was built in 1720. this and many other great attractions are located in the 25 acres of grassy area of the uni.
Time to do some shopping. with More than 100 stores are available in our number 3 attraction. quincy market is packed with upscale restaurants and food stalls and more. Visit the market at the weekend, when many outdoor shows take place. the market is located in Downtown Boston, so watch our video guides on this area and learn about Faneuil Hall building.
At number 2, visit one of the city’s most popular sqaures, Copley square.famous for the most famous churches in the US, the Trinity Church. the church is well-known for its unique Romanesque style, designed by Henry Hobson Richardson. Copley square is also the home to Boston Public Library and to the second tallest skyscraper in Boston, the John Hancock Tower. the combination of new and old buildings in the small square gives it a great atmosphere you will not want to miss!
At number 1 we will take you for a tour on the uss constitution, an invincible warship located in Boston Naval Shipyard. In 1907 the ship was turned into a museum where visitors can learn more about the history of the ship. this is a great attraction to visit with the family, for more details on family attractions in Boston check out our website.
Looking for more tips and video guides to plan your next vacation? check out the many travel guides at and make sure you have all the information you need before you book a ticket to your next destination.