No Boston experience is complete without a visit to Back Bay. Whether you are there to see the famous Victorian brownstone homes, Boston Public Library or the various shopping destinations, you are bound to get hungry and you need to make sure you pick the best Back Bay Restaurant. When you are finished checking out the extensive collection in the Boston Public Library and your stomach starts grumbling, you must start asking yourself – what do I want to eat and where can I get it? Finding the right restaurant for dinner can be quite difficult considering the many options available to you.

Whether it is time for lunch or dinner, you want to find the one perfect restaurant that satisfies your desires and leaves you in a good mood. Everything from the atmosphere, service, food quality, and experience must, and should be, perfect. Throughout my many trips into the old Victorian neighborhood I’ve come across this dilemma of finding the perfect place to dine, whether I’m alone or with a group. The first thought is, what kind of meal do I want? Do I want a light meal, perhaps some quality pasta or grilled chicken salad? Do I want something juicy and filling, like a burger and fries? Or do I want a nice steak tip dinner to make my mouth water? Let’s not forget dessert either, nothing tops off a good meal at a Back Bay Restaurant like a great dessert or sundae.

As the internal debate for what food I want goes on and on in my indecisive head, I start to wonder if it is even possible for me to find aspot that is best suited for my needs.  The beautiful sites in Copley Square can become quite distracting when trying to figure out what kind of food you want, but that grumble in your stomach will be sure to remind you that it is time to dine.

Burgers and fries, and… a soda! A good burger cooked to my liking is going to be the meal for me. Finally, my decision is made. Even when I think I’m on to the next step, my friends do not want a burger and fries. Johnny wants seafood, Tim wants a place with some heavy cocktails, Lisa wants some good sirloin, but Robin is a vegetarian and wants some pasta and salad. Well, it seems we’ve hit another block in the road. Now the search for the perfect Back Bay venue seems to be impossible. How could we possibly find a restaurant that satisfies all of our wants?  Is there a restaurant that around that could even satisfy all our various cravings, or are we to go hungry?

Amazingly enough, there is indeed one awesome place that could satisfy everyone’s needs, there is one perfect Back Bay Restaurant with a great atmosphere, service and experience that has enough food to satisfy the pickiest eater. If you find yourself wandering down Berkeley Street, you may just be lucky enough to stumble upon it!


Paul Marino has been writing about the restaurant industry for over 20 years. He recommends FiRE and iCE as the best Back Bay Restaurant for a unique and memorable dining experience.