If you are a follower of the F.E.A.R. series than you will be aware of Alma Wade’s malevolent psychic powers. As per beginners, they will be provided a rude introduction, as they’ll be fighting Wade and her son, similarly unpleasant telepath Paxton Fettel. The 3rd episode is also the same mix of action and scares, along with a innovative cover system, cooperative play and a selection of creative multiplayer modes. I recently finished the game and posting here the walkthrough below that should abet all of Alma’s adversaries. Hope this walkthrough will help you too.

Interval 01 – Prison

In the beginning you will find yourself in a stairwell with a sign with a capital “C”. Scroll down and you will reach to a locked door behind very soon that is ammo and a psychic bond. Crack the lock and carry on your descent. Below, you will see one more psychic link. Then make the turn of the grid and, in a corner, you will see your first doll of Alma.

Interval 02 – Slums

Walk to the end of the tunnel, turn right, and drop down into the lower tunnel. On the other side, you will find a building with tires stacked in front. Almost opposite is a recess in which there is a doll of Alma. When you get where three enemies to discuss the floor of a building without walls, in front of you, kill your enemies and progress through the streets to take the stairs on the left. Go up, go through the house and after defeating other opponents off the newly opened door.

At the bottom, go into the small room that is opposite, the doll of Alma is here. Just before going out into the street where you will be attacked by a mecha, the doll of Alma is in the right corner. Up the street where you attack mecha and you will see the doll of Alma on the left, height. To have it go one step further and, instead of taking the wooden door, follow the balcony to the end. From there, jump to reach the doll of Alma.

FEAR 3 Walkthrough

Interval 03 – Store

Shortly after you get out of the toilet, you open a door and many other objects will fall on you. Turn around; pass through the spasmodic doors and psychic link with the corpse. Once there, the doll of Alma is located at the top of the shelf that is on your right. To reach it, take the stairs orange awaits you in the face and climb. Once as high as possible, you will see the famous doll, but to have it, it will jump off the edge of the shelf where you are on the ladder in front. Then you can pick the doll of Alma. Once you arrive in the area of the store devoted to the garden advance at the very end of the first went to the canvas on which you can see the $ symbol several times. Just behind is the doll of Alma.

Shortly after the crib room, you will come back into an area full of shelves. Take the metal staircase and climb as high as possible following the scales. At the top, continue your way a little and you will see soon on the left, the doll of Alma. After a while, you pass a television with a “beautiful” design. Continue and you will quickly jump below. Here, turn around and find the doll of Alma. Open the garage door to the far right to finish the level.

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