The paper book era is over, now rules electronic book readers. By this technology, we can save many trees. Currently, the most spectacular battle in the world market leads to classical book, attacked from every conceivable device for reading texts. From its output depends on whether the paper book will be pushed away as once printed book pushed away manuscripts.


The revolution really began in 2006 when Sony launched its first eBook reader, based on the principle of so-called electronic ink. It is not affected by light, can be read in the dark, creating the illusion of a leaf page and the screen, and most electronic devices are not tiring for the eyes. This is claimed from its creators and clients.


In December 2007 Amazon marketed in the USA the first its model – Kindle, which quickly gained popularity. Over the next year the competition is getting bigger. There are emerging new models of electronic book readers every year.


Amazon has recently showed its new model of Kindle e-Book reader. It is 21% smaller than the previous Amazon Kindle and significantly lighter. Its weight is only 240 grams. This is a big advantage for continuous reading and will also be easier to carry. Another major advantage of the new device of Amazon is the diversity of available books. Amazon offers more than 450 thousand titles in its catalog, including different languages.


The new Kindle is equipped with wireless Internet connection and costs 139 USD, well below than the initial price of the first model of the company that was sold for 400 USD.  The second model erases all the disadvantages of first model. New model is available in its 50 % better contrast. It is a big advantage for some bad scanned PDF files. Now you are able to see sharpest images and clearest text.


What if you read your favorite books from outdoors? Glaring can be a problem for your eyes. It is now possible to read outside in the nature with the New Amazon Kindle, because the irritating glare is fully removed.  Capacity of battery is another advantage, which is much longer than the first version. The life of the battery depends on that if the Wi-Fi is turned on. If it works the battery can run for ten days without charging. If the wireless internet is turned off then you can use your Amazon Kindle for thirty days without charging. That makes easier the situations when we forget our charger device during long travelling. It happens often to everybody, right? With free 3G wireless you are able to download book every time everywhere. Amazon Kindle has local wireless coverage in more than 100 countries.


Some people believe that E-book will soon replace the print. According to others will both continue to live much longer.  There is no doubt, that electronic book readers are comfortable and modern, and a lot of their advantages are undeniable.  Electronic book readers are selling like hotcakes, and the competition with paper book continues.ЧуйтеПрочит на латиница Речник – Преглед на подробен речник


The Amazon Kindle is the most popular electronic book reader not only in the U.S. but all over the world. Millions of people are buying and using the Kindle because of its unique design and industry leading features.

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