When you get a new puppy, there is a possibility that he will not be house trained yet. This is especially true for dogs that have just been taken from the litter. It is up to you to teach him where he should be doing this business. If you fail to do this correctly, you can have a lot of carpet stains as well as damaged clothing, furniture, and other fabrics. Dog potty pads are the most common method for house training a puppy. They are easy to use, and your pet should get the hang of them soon.

There are two basic guidelines that you should remember when teaching your pet to use the puppy pads when using the bathroom inside your home. The first is that you cannot punish a dog after he has had an accident. Young dogs cannot determine the reason for the punishment, even if you scold them just minutes after they wet the rug. This can make them scared of you, or unwilling to pee in the proper area.

The second rule is all about praise. You need to get into the habit of making a big deal each time your puppy uses the potty pads. Pet him, shower him with “good boy!” related words, and even offer a treat every now and then. Your puppy will connect the praise with his good behavior, and will continue doing what you would like for him to.

To house train your puppy with dog potty pads, place a pad in each room of the house that the dog will frequently be in. This will help him get used to the smell of the pads. There is a chemical used on them that will attract the dog to do his business on them. If you plan to completely house break the dog and have them going to potty outside, you will definitely need to place one next to the door he will be using to exit the house.

Pay close attention to your puppy when he is out of his crate and free to roam the house. Dogs will need to use the restroom frequently when they are young. They can typically hold their bladder one hour for each month of their age. Most puppies that you can purchase or adopt are at least 8 weeks old, so they will need to relieve themselves every 2 hours.

You will notice the actions that puppies do as they look for a location to potty. They will be walking around and sniffing, as if they are looking for something. When this happens, you immediately pick your puppy up and place him on a pad. The dog potty pads should be removed from all areas of the home except for near the door as your puppy catches on to the idea.

Move the one pad near the door closer to it a few times each day until it is right in front of the door. When your puppy has gotten the hang of using the pad, remove it and let him go outside to potty. This can take some time to getting used to, but it is the most effective way to house train with potty pads.

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