LIMOS, hope every one is aware with this name and the services they are providing in the market of automotive. It is a company which has been responsible to generate a stiff competition in the market as there are number of models with different features and aesthetic touch produced and thrown by this company. There are lots of companies flooded with number of models of vehicles, but only the one which creates an image and works in a different way has the true potential to lead the market and boost the name and performance of the company.

The company has succeeded in the race with its hard work and dedication. The journey was too long to lead but not much far to deal. The companies efforts and fruits are the out come it is now holding in its hand, and that is its product called Limos. Different types and models are there which gives the customers a larger surface to make the choice depending upon there needs and also there preferences. Also there are numbers of customers in the market and it is for sure that each and every one will have their own tastes, preference, choices, and likes, which will influence the purchasing decision of the customers till a greater extent There are many places where you will find the different types and classifications of Limos, but the places are very few where the highlight is placed on the people using the Limos. The people using Limos are also the point which needs a special focus this is because when the company is placing focus on the types than there comes the question as on what basis should the type be decided? The type should be decided on the basis of the customer preference and areas. Now lets make the list of different users areas of Limos,

Corporate clients: Under this head the company uses Limos for picking up and dropping the foreign delegates to the airport who are coming from other countries for business deals. The Limos here plays a prestigious role as they create an impression in the mind of the clients about the top class services the company is providing. Which can indirectly help to get the business as now the company have marked there name in the minds of the delegates.
Political purposes: Here the purpose is to serve all the political needs of the society. Political persons and politics itself is the representative of the country and what ever they do and react with, affects the over all society. So as to enlighten the country with the spark of the light there needs to be a special focus on the political aspects. There are many political parties who have to travel different places for the purpose of conference and also the numbers of member are larger, so to serve all the members with luxury the Limos are preferred as they have a larger passenger carrying capacity.

These two were the basic user areas Limos are used in, so the company should not forget to focus on this part first if it wants to conquer the market and if it even wants to come up with different types of Limos, which can be market and sold effectively.

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