The perfect prom shoes can give that perfect finishing touch to a fashionably styled prom dress. You definitely want to look your best for the prom so you could dazzle your date and impress your friends. If you already have a nice prom dress, it is time to find stunning prom shoes to go with it. Before you hit the fashion stores online, let’s take a look at the different styles of prom shoes and how they fare with certain prom dresses.

Wear Prom Shoes That Make a Fashion Statement

Prom shoes are not just ordinary shoes! They are considered as a main fashion accessory used to match the color and design of prom dresses. Prom shoes can either draw more attention or less attention to your feet. They can make your feet look smaller or narrower with the right pair. As with any formal wear, they can also compliment your legs. Generally, the prom shoes you choose to wear will most certainly affect your ensemble for the prom, so make your fashion statement count.

Different Styles of Prom Shoes

There are quite a number of styles out there, so you can easily find the right prom shoes to match your dress. If your feet are wide or narrow, long or short, plump or skinny, there are prom shoes that can flatter your feet. The popular prom shoe styles include the open toe, closed toe, short heel, flat heel, high heel, wide heel and stiletto heel. Some styles have a stay-up ribbon tape in a variety of colors that wraps upward around the ankles and lower calf for a glamorous trendy look. There are shoes that can be dyed to match the exact hues of your prom dress. You can also go with open toe prom shoes. You can paint your toenails to complement the color of your prom gown or eveningwear.

What’s Your Prom Dress Style?

For the asymmetrically shaped dress, your legs will shine—and so will your feet. Choose smashing high heels on strap sandals to have all eyes focus on your feet and legs. In a long evening gown, wear prom shoes with stiletto heels. This will make your legs and feet look thinner, at the same time making you look taller.

With a flared dress that’s at length with your leg calves, wear closed-toe shoes with a medium heel that straps around the ankle. These also look great with a high-low dress cut. For the long and flowing eveningwear, prom shoes will receive less attention. You might want to consider choosing plain, open or closed-toe prom shoes that have the same shade as your prom dress. You might consider those prom shoes that can be dyed if you can’t find the exact color you need.

With princess-style prom dresses, the open or closed-toe sandal will work perfectly. Choose heel height according to your own height and the shape and length of your legs.

No matter what style of prom dresses you prefer, try on several types of shoes to find the perfect match. The same rules apply for homecoming gowns, Quinceañera gowns, or any other type of elegant ensemble. You can also go check on fashion stores online to browse through a good number of prom dresses or prom shoes. You’ll be partying the night away in your gorgeous prom dress and dazzling shoes in no time!

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