Susan has just launched a new boutique specializing in selling brand latest quality clothes and accessories. Nonetheless, it seems that she has not had enough experience to run this business efficiently. Experience Brand Shopping to help her right away, all players! Here, the chief job of the players is to support customers in finding the outfit which they require. Click on each of them to see his requirement and then hit the chosen outfit to deliver it to him. Afterwards, lead him to the fitting room (if he wants) or the counter to pack along getting the payment. Notice, time is limited here, so be prompt not to let the customers leave the boutique without buying any product and try to attain the daily target. Collect lots of money to purchase useful upgrades for this shop. Have fun!

Games and Cartoons for Kids Dress Up Game for Girls & Boys to Play with Candy's Boutique Kids Games

Games and Cartoons for Kids Dress Up Game for Girls & Boys to Play with Candy’s Boutique Kids Games

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► From the Developer:

Wanna create an original design all on your own? Candy’s Boutique is right here!

Mirror Mirror on the wall, where can I find the most beautiful clothes in the world? Always lacking certain pieces in your closet? No worries ? Candy’s Boutique is right here for you.
Now, prepare yourself to be wowed by tons of inspired pieces: fabulous dresses, fancy looking skirts, and numerous funky accessories…You may be crazy about fashion and indulge yourself in boutiques, but nothing compares to the fun of having your own one as well as being a fashion miracle worker yourself. Our little owner is always looking for a talent designer to help her run the boutique where a wide selection of ready-to-wear and custom clothes are offered. Love to sew or knit? Then you should really come. Run with the scissor into the fabric, let the needle dance along with the thread, and enjoy the music to which the sewing machine nods its head. Just show your talent and melt the client’s heart with your phenomenal design.
Every little dreamer deserves an access to the little dream. Now, here’s a chance to prove yourself as a designer! Give it a whirl and express your inner passion for fashion.

How to play:
Open the game, the inside view of the place will unfold in front of you. Look, here comes the client. Let’s greet him and click the bubble above the head to read his mind. He would be happy to have a gorgeous pair of customized shoes, please help. Okay, let’s go down to the business. Choose the right insole and the outer part of the shoes respectively from 6 patterns to kick a good start. Then put them together with the help of a hammer. You have to be very focused while hamming, or you could miss the right moment to hit the nail. After the assembly comes the cleaning part, which is to polish the shoes with a towel by sliding around the screen. Yippee! Thanks to your lovely technique, we have a pair of cool shoes now! We also offer a wide array of eye catching ready-to-wear for clients who want a quick shopping. They can ask for a wrap if they fall for the pieces on the model. And you, little designer, you’re gonna pack for them with a cute gift box. Bye, loves, do come next time! Actually, they will come for sure, maybe just for a free measurement instead of shopping. They love this place for these sweet services and show their appreciation with big loving hearts, with which you can unlock more slots to keep your own designs preserved. You know what, you really helped a lot. Would you mind doing Candy another favor? Click her in the lobby to enter the closet and give her a fresh new look. There, we have a happy girl now! Are you craving for some fun? You want it, we got it. Here we go!

– 14 interesting mini-games for you to explore
– Dress up the model to show your eye for fashion
– Great many fabulous accessories to enhance the beauty factor
– Help Candy get a fresh new look
– Collect more loving hearts to unlock more fine items and slots

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