Recently, who lives near Mr. Chen Jinsong Bridge, west of the in Shuangjing

GOME Electrical Appliances TV can be heard buy “

TM to ” Suning Electric widely outside the store brand can be a television “TM.” That these “TM” is the state recently introduced the “TM” activities?

Reporters after extensive investigation into the State Development and Reform Commission verified and confirmed, the “TM” activities are not encouraged countries have recently introduced

Car , Home Appliances “TM” activities. According to the State Development and Reform Commission issued to implement the current program, may be greater benefits to consumers.

‘s Visit Directly back to the depreciated value of new appliances in

Before we arrived outside the store Suning wide, in a brand front of the TV to see the brand of TV to participate in “TM” activities. According to

Sell Personnel, the cost of recycling old TV 100? 400 yuan, for sale directly back to the price where to buy a new TV.

Reporter went to Mr. Chen said Gome. In

Changhong The sales stage to TV reporter asked Mr. Duan promoters can now purchase home appliances “TM.” Mr. Duan affirmative answer to a reporter and said, “mall brand can be.”

Mr. Duan said that China would send U.S. special valuation of the old home appliance recycling staff, recycling, “certainly higher than the closing price of waste products to get high.” Mr. Duan introduced, such as color TV, as long as can see, image is clear and can often recall the price of 80-200 dollars. “If you use a shorter period may also be estimated to 300 yuan.”

In the west of the medium and large electrical appliances and Shuangjing Shuangjing Suning next to Carrefour, the reporter also learned that the two electronics store can be “TM” to buy appliances.

Afterwards State “TM” may be more affordable

Also be able to “TM”, if by the Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission and other departments issued the new policy may also enjoy a 10% subsidy. Thus, it not cost-effective lot? “That may not necessarily.” Mr. Duan to a 32-inch Changhong

LCD TV For example, calculations to reporters.

Which LCD TV is priced at 4,999 yuan. Mr. Duan description, if immediate purchase directly benefits 400. Suppose there is an old TV at home, 200 discount, the final consumer will spend 4,399 yuan to buy this LCD TV.

Mr. Duan said, according to the national authorities of the “TM” approach, assuming that the price according to 4599 yuan for a subsidy of 10% compared to the final consumer cost about 4,140 yuan, more so if such , probably the country’s “TM” is more appropriate for consumers.

Ministries to respond to Rules may be announced shortly The responsible person of the State Development and Reform Commission told reporters tender appliance shopping centers, the maximum subsidy of different varieties of the proportion of household appliances, for the opening pages, etc., which are currently in preparation, the specific details of the case to wait until after introduction of clear.

The official said, household appliances, “TM” Rules of the State Council’s office before the announcement will be through discussion and adoption. Appliances “TM” rules may be announced in the near future, but no specific timetable.

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