Clothing Why not continue to open shop? Every year, every month, every day there are new open Clothing Shops, clothing stores are also the door. The development of the clothing many people to success, and how many people’s dreams were shattered. Because it is really a lot. But to sum up the following points about the shadow can not be separated.

A blind shop, but not the line.

Shop now many are young, job dissatisfaction or yearning for freedom, dreams can start your own chic clothing store over the day, but the dream is good. But a shop but that is business, business must have a business vision and thinking. Many newly opened stores are family savings or borrow money. As long as investment returns that will, in fact, this is wrong. Return is based on understanding and integration into the foundations. Some shop simply does not do a detailed investigation and planning. Their own preferences alone dry, store the results they think a good flow of people is not good. Purchase that will sell their clothes, but customers did not buy it. Investigation of these is the lack of side effects. Also has its own understanding of clothing trends, the most important thing is to shop around for their understanding of the environment and their understanding of customer needs.

2. Lack of confidence, lack of patience.

Beginning novice will encounter many many difficulties, such as supply issues, store-style adjustment, Yahuo issue. Many, many problems to start off the impulse forgotten. Worry about every day. Why do the guests do not like their goods, their shop next to the shop, but why the sale. After a carries the hopes and dreams to the harsh reality, there is no passion who ignores go and adjust their own style. Over time had tired and numb. Had to be abandoned. Shop is not a long time to open a good overnight, which opened a large shop is not only experienced a few years to do up. Shop is not hard, the money can be open, but can not insist on the whole they are not the heart to see it. Perhaps when the first shop open long, but never thought to encounter too much trouble since the middle led to feel uncertain future. Finally had to let go.

3. Energy is not enough supply is not sufficient.

When the shop had a lot of people think that is a very chic thing open at 9 am, at any time close, but really opened it is not easy to know more, many hard-working all hours of the morning went by car owner purchases . However hard the first time that number is more than some people can not hold it. It would not go away getting goods near or local getting goods, but this issue appeared homogeneous. Hit version of the problem. Result of the quest difficult. So when you store the new goods is less and less. Customers also less and less. Vicious cycle can lead to a lot of people lose confidence and give up.

4. Part-time shop, lack of supervision. Many shop owners do not themselves observe

shop, but have their own work to find someone to look at shops. Sat night to think they can do accounts receivable, but the shop did not find a big point of the manager can control the gang work. People are inert, and you do not worry, people expect you got paid to worry about, it can only say that expectations should not be too high. After all, different angles. I personally think that store owner is not suitable for washing his hands of the treasurer. Store is the most difficult stage of development, to worry about afraid to do everything well. Moreover, whether to let others to control their own. Reflected in the customer master, understanding the mentality of the staff. Exposure to market transformation. Less these things will directly affect the supply procurement. Purchasing mistakes that will be unsalable. After the vicious cycle will lead to a lot of close up shop.

5. Lack of guidance, self-righteous Many people think that he was the boss. What are doing on their own, and do not want to see or hear the different voices. In fact, this is very dangerous, a person’s ability and experience more, but still have lost the time, only under the supervision of others continually correct its own direction, in order to better come to the right direction. Many think they have a good look, take the goods must be able to sell, but the fact is that nobody wanted. Their own store that is specific or unique style, but not considered public acceptability. To coin a phrase three rows, must be my teacher. Listen to different views, combined with continuous improvement is the real long-term plan. There are many factors

opening does not go, such as financial problems, personal problems, Cooperation Contradictions, and so on, but the census drawn or a word, shop not to think of it as one thing but the cause of their choice will certainly be able to open a good time.

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