Just like with Google Chrome, the latest Windows 8 continues the trend of introducing the range of Microsoft web-based services to their customers. Accordingly, Bing is the default search engine, Internet Explorer is the default web browser, Outlook the go to app for for email, and so on.

Users of Windows 8 might think that this precludes using apps from another prominent developer like Google within the Windows 8 Start Screen, but that would be incorrect. Everything from Gmail, Chrome browser, Google Search and more can be added into Windows 8 in a seamless manner.

Google is being less friendly to all makers of operating systems from Apple to Microsoft. Their Chrome O/S is still in development but with little interest from users so far, however their Google Android O/S now has more installed users than on the Apple iOS system and continues to dominate as it is developed out further.

Google Search

Google has bowed to Microsoft in at least one sense: they have released a Google Search app that is present in the Windows Store. The installation will allow the creation of an easy-to-access tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen.

This makes sense because Google does not want all Windows users happily clicking on the Bing Search tile instead; Windows remains the most used operating system globally & is still a considerable threat.

Changing The Default Search Engine In IE 10

From within Internet Explorer 10, click the gear icon and then select Manage Add ons.

With the dialogue box that appears, go to the bottom-left corner where you can select to find more search providers. This will then bring up a list of possible search providers to choose from with their name and logo displayed.

Going Chrome

There is a version of Google Chrome made especially for Windows 8. However, only by installing Chrome and making it the default browser will you be able to access the full version of Chrome with all the latest synchronisation features.

These features include the popular sync feature to pull in previously saved bookmarks, apps, extensions and browsing data which may have been stored previously in a Gmail account.

There are two modes inside of the Google Chrome browser: desktop mode and Windows 8 mode. From the Chrome main menu, there is the option to relaunch the browser in whichever mode is presently not being used.

Email, Contact & Calendar

There is a mail app that comes with Window 8 which supports Gmail. This allows one to login and see mail notifications on the Mail live tile.

To add a Gmail account, open the Mail app and select the Windows Key & I. This will open the Settings charm, and then you select Accounts to made the addition.

Select Google from the list of mail accounts and add your login information.

Microsoft is making it difficult for Google by stopping the free sync service for contacts and calendars by July 2013. Gmail will still be accessible by using the IMAP standard, but access to updates on their wider range of services may go permanently offline.

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