Do you own a travel agency or work in one? Then what do you do when a couple comes in with a couple of young children in tow? After some time, the tots would get restless. Some would be running around shouting or others would let out a cry of frustration. While this might not always be the case, wouldn’t you make a move of goodwill and provide some form of entertainment for your little customers? It would be good if you could have some brochures produced specifically for them. The brochure printingcould be printed at the office and need not cost much. But they could be the perfect solution to the presence of the young ones in the office.

These reading materials should of course be about traveling; after all, you are in the business of travel. Select at least three main themes or destinations that you would like to feature in your kiddie pamphlet. You could have one about theme parks, another one about safaris, and probably another one about a particular continent. Just make sure that all the places that you feature in your material are also catered by your agency.

The brochures can simply be done by one of your staff in the office computer. They can use Microsoft Word for the layout. This program has many brochure templates to choose from so the layout is a breeze. Once a particular theme has been chosen, you gather the best and the brightest photographs about that destination.

Write some short text for the pamphlet. You need not fill the entire material with texts because your readers are kids. The descriptions should be brief and perhaps stated only in phrases and not complete sentences. Use bigger fonts than usual because kids are not yet used to reading small print.

Come up with interesting games in your pamphlet so that the kids will have fun completing them. You could have a trivia game that directs the kids to find the answers in specific parts of the brochure. Or you could have a word game about the different words used in the text. You may also have fun with pictures.

When you are satisfied with your layout, you can proceed to printing your work. You could use a good quality paper that will enhance the appearance of the brochure and make it more interesting for the kids. It will not cost much because the design and printing are already done in the office.

Once you have printed some copies, put them on a desk on one side of the office that the kids can easily notice. You might also want to provide some candies or cookies to them. These items do not cost much but that will establish a really good relationship with your clients. You will also make a good name for your company in the community as the travel agency that cares for children. And they will trust you with their business because you care.

These brochures could be augmented with other cheap activities like pen and ink drawings that the children can color. Just photocopy the pages of a coloring book for this purpose so that you can reuse it over and over again. Brochure printing and photocopying could be done in the office so that costs are minimized but effects are maximized.


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