It can be difficult to find the hidden gem restaurants in Boston, let this article serve as your Back Bay Restaurant Guide. I judge a good restaurant by its price point, menu, and wait staff. After all, these three elements can make or break a dining experience. Today, many customers rely on restaurant review sights such as Others use Facebook, Google, Twitter and blog sites to see what the world is saying about restaurants. I personally like to check in with friends and family before restoring to the web. After all, they know me best.


Once I’ve heard of or found a Back Bay Restaurant I may be interested in visiting, I begin researching. I look into location and parking, and then of course the price. As a college student I must keep my budget in mind when choosing where to spend my paycheck on the weekends. Generally, I choose restaurants with the entrée dish averaging $ 15-$ 25. This range allows me to factor in a small appetizer or dessert and one beverage. I am not a heavy drinker, and like to indulge in one specialty cocktail with dinner.


After determining an appropriate price point, I will look at the menu more in-depth. I like a menu with variety and creative twists on classic dishes. If the dish sounds interesting but does not give enough detail I will ask for clarification at the restaurant. After choosing a restaurant with a good location, price point and menu options I will visit the establishment. I love to see the specials first hand and see the food going out to other diners in order to determine what I would like for myself. I like to also look at a drink list when selecting my meal for the evening. Many Back Bay Restaurants will have a staff to help in the selection of food and drink.


Many restaurants take very little time in training their staff. Restaurant work is not rocket science – but let’s face it, some times people just are not cut out for it. So, when a good waiter or waitress comes along, it is always nice to tell them how you feel. I always look for restaurants with friendly wait staff. There is nothing worse than getting a waiter who is disinterested or preoccupied, unorganized or just plain lazy. It is the absolute worst feeling to be very hungry for a delicious meal, only to find that your server messed up the order. I like to avoid these situations all together. To have a waiter that is attentive and friendly can make the dining experience so much more enjoyable. Some qualities I look for in an attentive server are a sense of urgency, humorous, writes my order down, and takes the time to look at me.


With a good server, acceptable price point, and delicious menu selection, any restaurant can do well. To avoid missing out on any of these guidelines, I always research possible restaurant choices. I find that in determining restaurants its better to be safe than sorry.


Paul Marino has been writing about the restaurant industry for over 20 years. He recommends FiRE and iCE as the best Back Bay Restaurant  for a unique and memorable dining experience.

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